Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wait a Minute... What's In It For Me, Nadia?

So I’ve been getting a lot of interest on this attempt to raise money to get to SXSWi 2009 and it’s going great! I truly appreciate you with hearts of gold willing to donate for nothing in return. But I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourself, well... what’s in it for me, Nadia? Well with some advice, help and inspiration from Reem Abeidoh, Rob Blatt, David Szetela and Sarah Cooley, I've come up with the answer.

Now SXSWi or Bust has two levels of contribution: Individual and Company Sponsorship.

What does it mean to contribute as an individual?
Any person contributing at the individual level will receive an ebook - “SXSW Interactive or Bust: An Insider’s Report to SXSWi 2009” - with great content I’ve created: photos, videos as well as key insights I discover during my experience at SXSWi.

Companies contributing $100 or more have a different deal:

For $100, I will be your brand emissary for one day of the SXSWi event. On your day I will wear your tshirt all around the expo and to any events I attend post-expo. You would send me a company shirt along with what you’d like people to know about your company. I’d share info about your company to everyone I meet that day and asks me about your shirt. Keep in mind, of course, that I’ll also have your company shirt on when interested folks tune in to SXSWi or Bust, so your company will reach a larger audience than those physically in Austin, TX.

As a company sponsor, I will blog about your company in a post about the companies sponsoring me. You will also appear on a post once SXSWi is over, in which I will be thanking my sponsors. Finally, since this is really just a way for companies to send their brand to SXSWi for a day, I will attend one panel or core conversation of your choice during your day. If you let me know what your goals are for “attending” the panel, I will use my razor sharp brain skills and learn, annotate, and interact for you! You can pick and choose your day (and therefore, really choose your panel), but please be aware that it’s a first come, first serve situation.

Why is all this good for you? Maybe you didn’t have the money this year (I mean, seriously, who does?) to send someone for all five days. This way you’ll be there and be well represented for one day!

Wondering what I’d look like in your company shirt? Check it
(Thanks @szetela for allowing me to use Clix Marketing as my company model!):

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